Calming Diffuser Kits for Cat Calming

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Comfort Zone products with Feliway are clinically proven 90% effective at reducing urine marking and vertical scratching. The Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser and Refills dispenses a drug-free, odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s natural calming pheromones. This vapor signals to your cat that the area is friendly and safe, reducing your cat’s need to spray and scratch. It helps to reduce or completely stop unwanted behavior due to stress-related issues such as multiple pet household, transition from shelter or breeder, moving, home remodeling or furniture changes, or changes in people and pets in the home. Don't let destructive behaviors ruin your relationship with your cat. Instructions: Remove refill bottle cap. Screw Diffuser onto bottle and tighten. Plug into electric socket in the room your cat is in most. Replace refill bottle after 30 days. Use only Comfort Zone brand Calming Refills. Always keep the product at the vertical position. Replace diffuser unit every 12 months. Keep diffuser with refill plugged in continuously. Product may not function properly if the power source is interrupted. Ingredients: Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon (A Petroleum Distillate)...45% Analogue of Feline Pheromone...5% Other Ingredients...50%