About Us

Your Home Our Speciality! That's our promise. That's our mission!

At AERii, we are a family owned and operated company based in the suburbs of Houston, TX. Established since 2012, we sell over 100 top brands and more than 30,000 products, from USA. 

Our mission is to make American products available to everyone! 

We provide quality products with great pricing and quick delivery times. Over the years we have created our large network of authorized wholesalers and distributors to offer more than 30,000 different products. Our exceptional relationships with them allow ship your order faster.

From groceries to apparel, tools to energy drinks, furniture, consumer electronics, toys and much more. We strive hard to find products that our customer appreciate. 

Since our humble beginning in 2012, AERii has evolved into a progressive and tech enabled company. We have built our own software solutions which gives us an edge in the market to procure and ship inventory faster and more efficiently. Over the years, we have handled from 100 orders to more than 100,000 orders fulfilled monthly. 

Apart from high quality products, you will love our exceptional customer service. All our customer service correspondent are trained to be solution centric. We also use the help of technology to assist them in managing various customers politely and problem solving techniques.