About Us

Your Home Our Speciality! That's our promise. That's our mission!

AERii is a family owned business, ran and operated by a family of seven. Each letter represents first initial of 5 siblings. We built this business how we would build our own home. Delicately yet with full devotion.

That is our moto and ultimate goal for you too!

Simply because this business, through you, has enabled us to create a home for ourselves.

Also, with the success we have had in the past years, this is our way of giving back to the community. We want to provide quality products with exceptional designs that add value to your home. Products that catch your eye on first sight. Since, nothing is better than love at first sight.

We want to provide handmade and hand-crafted items at an affordable rate as well as with perfect finishing. Nothing is better than a design that fits your style. 

If you don't like anything on the website, contact us with your design. We will build it according to your needs and send it to you within days. 

We want to provide homes and a living, not only to our customers. But also the less fortunate ones out there, by giving them more jobs to do for you. Our workshops are based in rural areas of South Asia, where we employ the needy and special people to help bring a smile to their faces and in return to ours!