Cuisinart CBB-200 BBQ Mop Brush, 18" Long

$ 13.64

Cuisinart CBB-200 BBQ Mop Brush, 18" Long

$ 13.64
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  • SKU: CBB-200
  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Type: Kitchen & Dining
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  • As you bast, the meat on your barbecue or smoker, keep your hands safely away.
  • Pitmasters choose the mop-style brush head because it is excellent at evenly distributing sauces on your meal.
  • The replaceable, dishwasher-safe mop-style brush head makes cleanup simple.
  • Your thin sauces are absorbed by the cotton fibers, whereas a silicon brush merely picks them up on the edges of the bristles.
  • It's ideal if you use two sauces or if you need to clean one of them because you'll have a backup.
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 46.99 x 4.01 x 4.01


The Cuisinart BBQ Basting Mop will brush on thinner sauces without brushing off the rub, and these cotton fiber strands soak up the mop sauces and evenly baste and glaze meats and poultry. Use the basting mop occasionally to add moisture to the meat and poultry while they are cooking or smoking. This will lock in the moisture and add layers of flavor. The long 18" handle keeps the basting mop steady while you use it to glaze meats and poultry.

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