DEWALT Tough System Tool Storage L Cart Organizer (DWST08210), Black

$ 195.78

DEWALT Tough System Tool Storage L Cart Organizer (DWST08210), Black

$ 195.78
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  • SKU: DWST08210
  • Brand: AERii
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  • Availability: In Stock
  • A metal carrier with movable folding brackets enables a customized tool storage layout.
  • The tool storage organizer's central locking mechanism locks the boxes to the frame.
  • Cases for ToughSystem are not included.
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 111.98 X 72.01 X 24.99


The DEWALT ToughSystem enables every professional to create the storage solution that best meets their needs. Technicians, electricians, and contractors can all utilize various combinations, which eliminates the need for several storage bins scattered throughout the worksite or workshop. Contractors may use this technique to organize, classify, and transfer their tools and materials from one project to the next. The DWST08210 carrier supports experts in transferring large items and storage containers around the workplace with ease. The carrier can handle goods weighing up to 265 pounds. It has a folding, adjustable brackets for customized design. Contractors can even work straight from the carrier, eliminating the need to disconnect all storage. A central locking mechanism secures the stand-alone storage cases to the carrier for simple transit. Padlock eyes allow the stand-alone devices to be locked for Jobsite security. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided with the DEWALT ToughSystem.

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