JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Fruit Flavored Mixed Halloween Candy, Variety Pack - 46 Ounce

$ 10.48

JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Fruit Flavored Mixed Halloween Candy, Variety Pack - 46 Ounce

$ 10.48
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• JOLLY RANCHER Assorted Fruit Flavored Mixed Candy, one 46 oz bulk variety bag.
• Product Warning: The product may melt or get damaged if exposed to heat or sunlight. Customers are therefore expected to be there when the goods is delivered.
• You may carry long-lasting JOLLY RANCHER bagged candy with you wherever you go, to work, during snack breaks, and when you get home at the end of the day.
• Individually wrapped candies are included in the assorted hard candy mix for convenience and great freshness to the very last piece.
• Use JOLLY RANCHER varied fruit-flavored hard candies to throw the fruitiest, most vibrant birthday, graduation, back-to-school, or Halloween celebration.
• Including lollipops, JOLLY RANCHER Stix sweets, and hard candies in vibrant fruit flavors, this candy assortment is absolutely tasty.

The JOLLY RANCHER candy selection bag contains a variety of fruity family favorites in a single bulk bag. Enjoy a variety of simple to eat hard candies that are packaged individually. The JOLLY RANCHER Stix candy, lollipops, and hard candy are all included in this bag of individually wrapped, fruit-flavored variety candy. While sharing with colleagues, coworkers, teammates, students, and family members throughout the day, don't forget to preserve some for yourself. Carry this large candy bag with you wherever you go. JOLLY RANCHER mixed candy is the perfect treat if you desire a variety of fruit-flavored candies with strong flavor. During study sessions, lunch breaks, movie evenings, and snack breaks, keep your taste buds occupied.

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