LevelGuard Digital Bilge Switch

$ 50.13

LevelGuard Digital Bilge Switch

$ 50.13
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  • Brand: LevelGuard
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Digital Bilge Switch

Submersible Liquid Level Sensor

The LevelGuard Digital Bilge Switch is a robust solution to the challenging bilge environment for the reliable activation of a bilge pump to remove casual water accumulation from a boat. LevelGuard Digital Bilge Switch can run on a 12V or 24V circuit and can switch a pump that draws up to 20 amps of load! Completely submersible, potted design is ready for your most challenging applications. 


  • Water sealed and solid state
  • One unit handles both 12V and 24V circuit
  • No moving parts to wear out or fail
  • Discreet Turn On and Turn Off Sensors with a 30 second run down to insure water evacuation
  • Anti-slosh filtering built in to avoid pump false starts
  • CE certified design
  • Ignores oils, diesel fuel and other hydrocarbons- will only activate and pump bilge water
  • Utilizes patented "Field-Effect" sensing technology
  • No metal probes or contacts to corrode or become contaminated
  • Easy installation and wiring
  • 1-year warranty

How it Works:

Field-Effect sensors (encased in a rugged potted plastic housing) create an invisible, low power electric field that detects fluid levels. When a conductive material, like water, enters the LevelGuard "e-field", the sensors detect it's presence and trigger the bilge pump. Tested to millions of cycles in fluid control applications, the LevelGuard Digital Bilge Switch performs reliably under extreme conditions of temperature, humidity, UV, vibration and salt water corrosion and is a robust solution for challenging environments. 


  • Voltage rating: 10.5 to 26.4 VDC
  • Unit should be fused appropriately based on bilge pump recommended fuse rating
  • Draws less than 20 micro amps in standby mode
  • 2" Turn On, 1" Turn Off plus 30 second pump down to insure water evacuation

Manufacturer : LevelGuard
Manufacturer Part No : Z34202RK
UPC : 816073010354

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