Meguiar's G3500 Dual Action Power System Tool

$ 62.11

Meguiar's G3500 Dual Action Power System Tool

$ 62.11
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  • SKU: G3500
  • Brand: Meguiar's
  • Type: Automotive
  • Availability: In Stock

• VERSATILE: Excellent all-around compounding, waxing, and polishing tool that leaves your car's finish smooth, shiny, and free of swirls, oxidation, and stains.
• FAST AND EFFECTIVE: By letting your drill do the work, you can detail your automobile more easily. Within a half-hour, wax the entire automobile!
• GO NEXT: Construct a bridge between hand-detailing and expert machine tools. In a convenient, user-friendly household tool, you get the efficiency, comfort, and professional result of machine work.
• CONVENIENT: Mounts to the majority of common drills. Use with a 3/8" corded drill that spins between 1,200 and 2,500 RPMs is advised.

With our high-quality DA (Dual Action) Power System Tool, you can start achieving professional results at home and detail your automobile to perfection. Rotation with two actions produces quicker results without damaging the paint. To make your automobile seem brand new, safely remove oxidation, scratches, water stains, and swirls. In half the time it takes to polish and wax to a high gloss. Our simple and handy gadget is compatible with the majority of home drills.

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