Monarch Marine

Monarch Line Mate Junior

$ 32.66

Monarch Line Mate Junior

$ 32.66
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  • SKU: IDXCW61847
  • Brand: Monarch Marine
  • Type: Marine Products
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Line Mate Junior

Line Mate Jr. is designed to hold your mooring lines. This unique product is also ideal for keeping dockside power lines from hanging in the water-or for water hoses so they are out of the way, so no one can trip on them. A handy aid in docking on windy days, when docking can be a problem. Use your boat hook to grab onto the Line Mate Jr. and pull boat toward dock. The Line Mate Jr. is a heavy-duty casting made of Almag 35. A composition of Aluminum for corrosion resistance and Magnesium for strength.

Manufacturer : Monarch Marine
Manufacturer Part No : LMJ-1

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