NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster - with 12 Official Nerf darts

$ 10.48

NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster - with 12 Official Nerf darts

$ 10.48
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  • Brand: NERF
  • Type: Big Kid Toys
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Prepare for battle with Nerf Elite 2.0 blasters, which have built-in customizing capabilities so you may update them and gain the upper hand in Nerf battles. Build up your Elite 2.0 blaster arsenal to improve your gaming strategy and provide tactical performance and flexibility for every mission and battle!

The Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 blaster comes with three tactical rails, a barrel attachment point, and a stock attachment point, allowing you to personalize it for any Nerf game. You can fire numerous darts before reloading the blaster because it contains a 6-dart revolving drum. You can either fire one dart at a time or slam-fire all six darts at once. The stock and barrel extension are not included. 12 official Nerf darts are included, enough to fully load the drum, plus 6 extra darts to keep on hand for reloads. Up to 90 feet of fire darts (27 meters). Recommended eyewear (not included). No need for batteries.

Nerf and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.




Brand NERF
Color Multicolor
Gender Unisex
Age Range 8 years and up
Maximum Range 90 Feet
Product Dimensions (Inches) 2.63 L x 9.5 W x 14.25 H
Product Weight 500 Grams



  • UPGRADE-READY BLASTER: Take advantage of three tactical rails as well as barrel and stock attachment slots to customize the blaster for each battle or assignment (stock and barrel extension not included)
  • INCLUDES 12 NERF DARTS: This includes 12 official Nerf darts to fully load the 6-dart drum, as well as 6 more darts for reloading. Fire, reload, and then fire again!
  • SLAM FIRE: To fire one dart, pull the priming slide back and press the trigger. Hold down the trigger and continuously move the slide back and forth to slam-fire all six darts
  • FIRES DARTS UP TO 90 FEET (27 METERS): Shoot darts up to 90 feet with this blaster (27 meters)

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