Rap Snacks

Rap Snacks All In Potato Chips 2.5 Ounce

$ 1.81

Rap Snacks All In Potato Chips 2.5 Ounce

$ 1.81
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  • SKU: 2-5RSAPC
  • Brand: Rap Snacks
  • Type: Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Availability: In Stock
• Bold Tasty Flavors | Delicious fusion of BBQ, onion, garlic, and more!
• Gourmet Seasoning - Rap Snacks are generously sprinkled with the finest spices and seasonings.
• Authentic Taste | Developed with Lil Baby's involvement to provide his fans access to his preferred flavor
• Strict quality control assures the same outstanding flavor in every bag with Always On Point

The "Official Snack Brand of Hip Hop" is Rap Snacks. - a high-end selection of snack items with hip-hop branding that commemorate and highlight today's top rap musicians. Each flavor of popcorn, ramen noodles, potato and corn chips, as well as cool drinks, gives an appealing experience that satisfies all appetites. Rap Snacks goods are available all throughout the United States online, in large retail chains, and in convenience shops. They are inspired by hip hop and flavored by culture.

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