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Red Bull Energy Drink, Total Zero, 12 Ounce - Pack of 24

$ 63.00

Red Bull Energy Drink, Total Zero, 12 Ounce - Pack of 24

$ 63.00
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  • SKU: RB231390
  • Brand: Red Bull
  • Type: Energy Drinks
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• Twenty-four 8.4 fl. cases oz. Cans of Red Bull Energy Drink
• Caffeine, taurine, and several B-group vitamins are premium ingredients in Red Bull Energy Drinks.
• The aluminum used to make Red Bull cans is recyclable 100 percent.
• Red Bull Vitalizes Body and Mind
• Red Bull Total Zero: No Calories, Just Wings
• Specialty: Gluten Free
• Check can labels frequently for the most recent product ingredient data. Some figures listed on labels could vary slightly depending on where they were produced.

Red Bull not only introduced a brand-new product in 1987; it also gave rise to an entirely new product category: energy drinks. Red Bull has been giving people and ideas wings from day one, creating many landmarks in sports and society. Top athletes, busy workers, college students, and people traveling for extended periods of time all value Red Bull.Red Bull Sugarfree offers the benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink without the added sugars for those who would like them. Red Bull was the first global energy drink brand to address the consumer request for sugar free energy drinks.


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