Robline Premium Nylon 3 Strand Dock Line - 5-8" x 20' - Black

$ 31.38

Robline Premium Nylon 3 Strand Dock Line - 5-8" x 20' - Black

$ 31.38
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Premium Nylon 3 Strand Dock Line - 5/8" x 20' - Black

Robline Premium Dock Lines are professionally manufactured, balanced, spliced, and whipped to offer the highest quality and longest-lasting dock line. Whether you are securing your boat for a hurricane or tying your boat to a dock, pier, or seawall, Robline has the right dock line for you. Made of high-grade polyamide (nylon), Robline’s dock lines are incredibly strong, UV resistant, and have just enough stretch to protect your boat from shock damage.

While there are various kinds of dock lines, you can’t go wrong with Robline’s Premium Nylon dock lines. When loads are suddenly applied, the line will stretch and dissipate the stress rather than break. This shock absorption technology is a great feature that helps reduce wear and tear on your deck and dock hardware.

Robline Premium Nylon Dock Lines are professionally balanced to prevent kinking/hockling and they also include a whipped eye splice with a heat-sealed end.  UV-resistant materials help prolong life and maintain colorfastness so they retain their like-new appearance.

Robline dock lines are professionally eye spliced, whipped, balanced, and ready for use.


  • Best for boats up to 45'
  • Rope Diameter: 5/8 in. / 16 mm
  • Tensile Strength: 11,695 lbs / 5,305 kg

Manufacturer : Robline
Manufacturer Part No : 7181971
UPC : 9011800229578

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