International Shipping

General merchandise items are subject to various regulations during international shipping, and this applies to seeds as well. Shipping seeds across borders can be challenging due to these regulations. It's essential for you to be well-informed about the items that are permissible for import into your country. To ensure compliance, we recommend reaching out to your country's appropriate regulatory authority, which might be referred to as the Department of Agriculture or an equivalent entity such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Any associated charges, including duties, fees, and taxes, are the responsibility of the recipient.

While many small international orders are processed and dispatched promptly, it's important to note that some orders might require extra scrutiny and documentation. Such orders could experience delays extending up to a week or even longer as part of this inspection process.

Important Info:

Soil & Fertilizers - The importation of soil products is typically prohibited in almost all countries. It's generally advisable to avoid ordering loose soil or growing kits that contain loose soil. However, many countries do permit the import of hydroponic grow mediums, such as jute mats, micro-mats, and biostrate mats. Coco-Coir products, like Minute Soil, are also usually accepted. On the other hand, the importation of fertilizers is not allowed in most countries.

General Merchandise - Shipping non-agriculture products is usually unrestricted in most countries. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the permission and appropriate documentation to import the merchandise. We will not refund the item total if the package is held up at the customs and not returned back to us within 10 business days . 

International Refunds & Returns - Please note that we do not cover the cost of return shipping for international orders. If items are returned to us in good condition, they can be refunded, though the initial shipping costs are non-refundable. Any expenses related to return shipping are your responsibility.

Preferred Shipping Methods - For most overseas orders, we tend to utilize global priority mail or FedEx International. Our choice of carrier is based on what we believe would be the most suitable for delivering to your specific country. Shipping rates are applicable to all international orders.

Shipping Information by Country - Depending on the destination country and the items being imported, there might be additional requirements or limitations. While we strive to be knowledgeable about the regulations in each country, ultimately, it is your responsibility to adhere to local rules and provide the necessary documentation.

Phytosanitary Certificate - A commonly required extra document for international seed shipments is the phytosanitary certificate. This certificate, issued by the USDA, confirms that the shipment aligns with the import prerequisites of the destination country.