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Famous Amos Philippine Coconut Cookies, 7 Ounce

$ 4.62

Famous Amos Philippine Coconut Cookies, 7 Ounce

$ 4.62
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  • Brand: Famous Amos
  • Type: Grocery & Gourmet Food
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• Small cookies that are packed with true semi-sweet chocolate taste in every delicious mouthful.
• Crisp, crispy, and full of delicious butter flavor, these chocolate chip cookies are great by the handful.
• Crafted with care and created with delectable ingredients; semi-sweet chocolate used; dairy that is kosher
• Stow in lunch boxes, bags, and backpacks; Makes a wonderful after-work snack, afternoon pick-me-up at school, or late-night treat.
• Contains 1 ready-to-eat Famous Amos Bite-Sized Chocolate Chip Cookie, packaged in a 7-ounce pouch for convenience, freshness, and deliciousness.


With Famous Amos Wonders from the World, embark on a mini-vacation. These 7-oz white chocolate chip and coconut cookies are prepared using the best ingredients available anywhere in the globe. We brought three flavors that pleased our palates back home after visiting the world's most wonderful locations. Our traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe gets a delectable makeover thanks to Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies. Our Mediterranean Hazelnut biscuit gained a Turkish flair from the addition of fresh hazelnuts. Foods like coconuts, which are the centerpiece of our delectable Philippine Coconut chocolate biscuit, are a local natural marvel in the Philippines.


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