Tate's Bake Shop

Tate's Bake Shop Coconut Crisp Cookies, 7 Ounce

$ 5.70

Tate's Bake Shop Coconut Crisp Cookies, 7 Ounce

$ 5.70
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  • Brand: Tate's Bake Shop
  • Type: Grocery & Gourmet Food
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• Tate's Bake Shop Coconut Crisp Cookies, one 7-ounce bag.
• Delicious coconut cookies that are moist in every mouthful of coconut
• A short sweet snack is best when it comes to thin kosher cookies.
• Deliciously crunchy and distinct baked cookies
• Add to a platter of cookies for simple, delicious party appetizers.


What makes the cookies at Tate's Bake Shop so incredibly delicious? It all began when Kathleen King, then 11 years old, started making cookies to sell at her family's farm stand. We now refer to this as "The Bake Shop Way." Her crisp, buttery cookies quickly became renowned in Southampton thanks to her passion for baking and commitment to quality, and they served as the model for Tate's Bake Shop. Our cookies have gained a devoted following from coast to coast, and while our Bake Shop is still a local favorite, Kathleen's intuition, passion, and ideals serve as the foundation for all we do. So indulge in one of our incredibly tasty cookies and discover "The Bake Shop Way."


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