White Cheddar Popcorn Chips 3 Ounce

$ 2.35

White Cheddar Popcorn Chips 3 Ounce

$ 2.35
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• White Cheddar Snack and Popped Corn
• Each serving has 130 calories.
• Trans fat: 0g
• Licensed as gluten-free
• No nuts.
• GMO-free corn. Improve by one. Don't fry. Want some white cheddar? With the best dairy producers from Wisconsin and Minnesota, where creating cheese is both an art and a culture, we make ours even better. We maximize this uniquely American flavor by pressing the highest-quality cheddar using traditional methods.


We at Popcorners think that anytime you choose to do something better, whether it's run a little further, laugh a little louder, or eat a little better, you are starting to be your best self. Of course, everything begins at the source. To guarantee that we only receive the best non-GMO corn possible, we collaborate with the greatest family farmers we know. From then, each crop is perfectly popped. The outcome is a crisp, healthy flavor sensation that is unmatched. You may take an extra step toward a happy and healthy lifestyle knowing that we are always on your side. no synthetic colors. www.popcorners.com. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Learn how we're building a better relationship between farmers and schools in One Better for Farms & Schools. farm2future.org. Were also on their side!


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